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Save costs by predictive solutions with IMBuildings People Counters.

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance

Creating sustainability in advance

IMBuildings Predictive Measurement uses data analysis to predict what will happen as a result of the influence of people on the environment.


Anything required to make people as comfortable as possible in an environment at the right time. This includes temperature, air quality as well as the cleaning and occupation of a room.


A combination of sensors provide managers with insights to identify cost savings and how to prevent energy wastage.

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For smart building solutions
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People Counting

IoT Devices

We have to be clear

Our sensors make all the difference. They turn buildings into smart, self-learning environments to ensure a rapid response to the situation. Our sensors have an impact and a positive effect on people and the environment.


Everyone is relevant

IMBuildings offers solutions at different levels. From finding a suitable workplace in the office to optimal climate control. And from counting people and determining the occupancy rate, to efficient final cleaning of the used areas. Everything is possible.

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