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People Counters

IMBuildings BV is developing and manufacturing devices that enable you to create the best possible working and living environment .

The base of the IMBuildings sensors is “People Counting” . The products measure the effect of the presence of people on the environment. Occupancy can be measured, that information can be used to determine the utilization of a building, room or spaces.

Air Treatment / heating can automatically adjust depending on occupancy. Predictions can be made with the collected data to anticipate what will happen within a certain period.

Co2 Sensors

With the IMBuildings CO2 sensor you will have real time insight on the air quality, temperature and humidity of the environment you are monitoring. The Co2 sensor can also be equipped with a passive infrared motion sensor with which you can detect movement.

Our Co2 sensor is available in an economic and professional version; depending on the accuracy you require.

Temperature Sensors

Our IMBuildings temperature sensors creates real time insight in the comfort and temperature of the environment you are monitoring.

Motion Sensors

Monitor room usage and movement of people using motion sensors where knowing the number of people is not necessary.


The initiative to create the perfect working atmosphere is one thing, but the feedback from your staff is essential to achieve this . With the moodbox version you receive real-time information from your colleagues. At the touch of a button, they can indicate whether the created climate is also experienced as pleasant without long discussions and/or the lightplan is working.

The Moodbox can also be used to measure customer satisfaction.

Another option is to use this device as a service Box.
Every button with its own icon, offers the opportunity for the user to show certain needs.
Eg., coffee cup, paper, soap etc.etc.

The Buttonbox runs on batteries.

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