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A good indicator of accuracy is the difference between the total number of ingoing and outgoing people. The closer these numbers are together, the more accurate the occupancy value is during the period of time.

Consider the following situation regarding accuracy in a given moment of time:

  • A system displays a live occupancy of 9 when there are actually 10 people in a room
  • This system displays 99 visits of the same room while there were actually 100 visits

This deviation of 1 seems to have a significant impact in situation 1. However the accuracy on the total count value over time (situation 2) is 99%.

Because of this difference it is important to know in which case an optimization using a software protocol is required. When there is a possibility to control the physical situation at the entrance, the results will be improved.

In case of a maximum number of allowed people, it is common (and recommended) to apply a margin within the values, in case there is a difference between the actual situation and the digitally created situation.

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