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Today, most people spend more time in their working environment than in their home environment. And the working environment can vary. Sometimes we’re at home, then at the office. But when we are at the office, we don’t necessarily have a fixed workplace either. We believe comfort is important. Balance, regularity and a constant high quality when it comes to our environment, is what we want. Favorable conditions ensure higher productivity, better concentration and improved well-being in offices. “We offer a self-learning system that ensures the conditions inside buildings are optimal at all times.” People are influencing their surroundings. Sometimes consciously, often unconsciously. People are heat sources, and they influence the temperature in the room in which they are. This affects the indoor climate. In addition, people produce CO2. An increase of CO2 in a room displaces the oxygen uptake in the body, resulting in lower energy levels, decreased concentration and more discomfort. People influence the climate, as well as the environment. They use the toilets, kitchens, waste bins. All this can increase the accumulation of dust and dirt. Furthermore, people have a direct influence on energy consumption, and subsequently costs. The constantly changing occupation of office buildings determines the utilization of the floor space. When optimal use is made of the floor space or a room, it can imply that it is not necessary to use all the rooms. And in those places where there are or have been no people, we can adjust the climate control and there is no need to clean. You have control with sensors from IMBuildings. They monitor what is happening now. As a result it is possible to make predictions so interventions can be arranged in good time. “With the Predictive Measurement technology, IMBuildings can even predict what will happen if people influence their environment.”

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